HGH Human Growth Hormone – AVIVA Pharmaceutical – 40 UI / 13.4mg


Aviva HGH is a synthetic growth hormone. This polypeptide protein increases metabolism and the process of burning and blocking the accumulation of new fat in the body.

The Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is responsible for bone growth, and for protein and carbohydrate metabolism in the body. It is separated from the anterior pituitary gland (adenohypophysis). It is good to know that the released growth hormone has no direct effect but stimulates the liver to produce and release insulin-like growth factor. The result is increased metabolism especially of the protein synthesis.

The synthetic HGH Aviva does not lead to insulin dependency and does not affect the glucose in the blood. In general, it has altogether positive impact on the body of the athlete.



Dosage: Applying HGH needs precise dosing, alternating days of training and days rest. The best daily dosage is in the range of 250 to 1000 mcg. The rate of consumption does not need to last over three months. To ensure optimal conditions for the action of the human growth hormone and fat burning, it is desirable to consider diet with sufficient protein intake.

Combination with different products: For athletes in some sports training is good to combine with Testosterone enanthate or propionate, Winstrol (Stanozolol) or Primobolan (Methenolone enanthate). The effect of AVIVA HGH 40 IU, in combination, is a lot more powerful and effective.

Side effects: the HGH of Aviva Bio Systems is completely harmless polypeptide protein that can be used by both men and women athletes. To avoid any problems it is important not to exceed the permissible dosage.