Masteron Masterolic 100mg/ml


Masterolic or Drostanolone propionate is an anabolic steroid produced by General European Pharm (GEP), which is also available on the market under the name Masteron. The drug is an oil-based suspension for intramuscular injection. It is produced in 10 ml ampoules.


Dosage: In order to achieve the best results possible, bodybuilders take 100 mg (1ml) every 3 to 6 days. Women can take up to 25-50 mg per week. It should be noted, that the recommended weekly dosage should not be exceeded.

Side effects: mostly androgen-related side effects – due to the high androgenic effect of Masterolic: acne and oily skin, hair loss, aggression, unwanted hair (on the face and body), virilization in women.


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