Mix 1 10ml 250mg/ml Nandrolone+Testosterone+Drostanolone


Based on the estrogenic nature of compounds, this product is suitable for cycles where sheer bulking and mass addition is the main goal. The average consumer should expect significant weight gain in short periods of time, most usually two weeks following the first intake.


Progestogenic side effects are pretty much the same as Estrogenic side effects, which includes: severe endogenous Testosterone production shutdown/suppression, water retention, and gynecomastia.


Phenylpropionate and propionate esters provides a sharp spike in steroid hormone release 24-48 hours following deep intramuscular injection, and declines to near base levels within 7 days. If you want to maintain proper stable blood plasma levels of the hormone, the product should be administered every other day. If you do daily injections, those are regarded as even more favorable.


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