Stanolic 96 tabs Stanozolic 10mg/tab


Winstrol, also known as Stanolic or stanozolol is a powerful anabolic steroid that has a similar effect on the body like testosterone. Due to its strong anabolic and androgenic effect, it helps for significant improvement in the gain of weight and the performance. That’s why the drug is really popular in the bodybuilding community.




Side Effects: sleeping problems, deepening of the voice, unusual hair growth, headache, Diarrhea, depression, acne, Gynecomastia

Dosage: the recommended dosage for man is 50mg per day, which equals 5 tablets/10mg. The intake of this drug should not be longer than 6-8 weeks.

Women should take the lower dosage – around -daily average dosage of 5-10 mg per day, which equals to half or one 10mg tablet.