ECA++ (Ephedrine, Caffeine and Aspirin)




Ephedrine and caffeine on their own are widely used in medicine and in day to day life – caffeine. Ephedrine is a natural element, contained in Ephedra plants. It was first isolated in 1885 and came into commercial use in 1926. Extract of ephedra plants was used in Asian medicine to treat asthma and is still present in some medications. Caffeine is something that a large portion of us use every day, mostly in the mornings. It is that boost we need to get going throughout the day and it seems it could help us go through our training schedule as well. The “A” in ECA stack stands for Aspirin, another largely used compound, something that probably all of us had taken. The combination of those three elements, ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin is what forms the ECA stack.

Aspirin is used as an anti-clotting agent in this stack, but due to the intolerance of some people to Aspirin, it could be exchanged for other additives like fish oil, for instance. Some people benefit from an EC stack on its own, without adding aspirin at all.

The ECA stack is used to fight obesity and is generally taken for weight control. Those who seek weight loss can easily boost their results with a short cycle on an ECA stack.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the product. It is actually banned in the USA, Canada and the Netherlands due to exploitation which resulted in an increase of cardiological failures in users. This leaves the ECA stack UK a powerful search term, as users in the UK can get their hands on the product much easier. The most serious of which was the heart attack. Those cases might have been a result of dosages way above the recommended dosage and cycles far exceeding the recommended 6-8 weeks. Ephedrine on its own could be used in manufacturing different types of drugs, such as methamphetamine, which is another reason for authorities to closely monitor the distribution of products containing it.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the ECA Stack

Enough small talk, we are here to give answers, so let us answer your most frequent questions.

Is ECA stack safe?

As long as you follow the recommended dosages and cycle durations you should be just fine. If you show any signs of cardiological problems, stop your ECA cycle immediately!

Is ECA stack effective?

The ECA stack proves very effective. It helps you burn more fats and gives you more energy to go through your workout load.

How much weight can I lose on the ECA stack?

It largely depends on your body type, your dier and your exercise schedule, so giving a universal answer to that question is nearly impossible. What is important to mention is that you will still need to exercise and follow a diet, ECA stacks are not magical.

How much weight will I lose on ephedrine?

Caffeine boosts the performance of ephedrine, that is why they are used in a stack. Losing weight on ephedrine alone is possible, but we recommended going for the stack instead, for better results.

Does ECA stack burn fat?

Yes, it does. It increases your core temperature slightly, boosting metabolism and helping burn more weight. It also increases your stamina and gives you the energy you need to kick start your day.

When should I take ECA?

Whenever you want to cut some weight off and are ready to put up with the cardio workout and mind your calories intake. People that are fighting a lot of excess weight should not start directly with ECA stack! Instead, they should follow a light workout regime in combination with a diet, get some results of that and then implement an ECA stack to further increase their results. Overweight people are already dealing with some difficulties breathing and their hearts are usually not in the best of shapes, so it is recommended for them to stray away from the ECA stack in the beginning.

How long does ephedrine last?

It depends on how you take it. The ECA stack comes mostly in the form of capsules, which points us towards the oral intake. In that case, the ephedrine can last for about four hours.

ECA stack dosage

The product provided by USALabz contains:

  • Ephedrine 30mg
  • Caffeine 250mg
  • Aspirin 150mg
  • 1.3 DMAA 50mg
  • Yohimbine hcl 3mg

And you should take a single capsule each day, 30 minutes before your workout.

ECA stack results

As we have mentioned before, results highly depend on your diet and workout regime.

What is ECA stack

A stack of Ephedrine, Caffeine and Aspirin. It is used primarily for weight loss.

How to cycle ECA stack

The product provided by USALabz should be taken for 30 days and is always followed by 60 days off. Some people recommend a cycle of 6 to 8 weeks, but they are usually not taking a finished product, they source their ephedrine and caffeine from different places and combine the two.

ECA stack side effects

The largely known side effects of the ECA stack are similar to those of most stimulants:

  • nausea.
  • vomiting.
  • anxiety.
  • change in mood.
  • hyperactivity.
  • heart palpitations.

If you experience any of those side effects it is best to stop your intake and consult with your doctor.

As usual, we can advise you to contact a professional before starting a cycle with any product at all. Carefully choose your providers and always intake lower dosages when testing a product.