HTP Stromba 100 х 10 mg



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HTP Stromba
HTP Stromba 100 х 10 mg
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Stanozolol: Information and Details about the Steroid

Winstrol, Stanozolol or sometimes only called Stromba, this anabolic steroid comes with many benefits for athletes and bodybuilders. Stromba is prized by mеn thanks to the fact the Winstrol steroid doesn’t convert into estrogen. This means – no gynecomastia and estrogen-related side effects in men using Stromba. Unlike other steroids focused on fat loss and retaining lean muscle mass, Winstrol results bring bigger muscles but also real functional strength. Winstrol’s effect on muscles is not simply bulk-orientated, this steroid makes different groups more pronounced. Without water-retaining, Stromba, which is the other name of Winstrol, is really one of the best choices combining various effects from other steroids. Winstrol benefits are present thanks to the red blood cells. Stromba affects the production of red blood cells, which are directly linked to more oxygen in the body. This results in more endurance and stamina in the body of the athlete.

Winstrol – a Preferred Steroid for Many

Stromba is also preferred by a lot of women because this steroid delivers milder testosterone properties. While men can use Winstrol only for cutting and weight loss, women can also use this steroid for bulking as well. But Winstrol benefits can also come with side-effects. It is important to follow the right dosage on Winstrol tablets. For strength enhancement, a simple 25 mg dose every 8-10 days is enough. For a cutting phase, the dosage is usually around 50 mg every 6-8 days. However, if you want to try bulking with Winstrol the dosage is 100mg every day for 4 weeks. But don’t forget to double-check the recipe of the product you buy because steroids are powerful both with benefits and risks and you don’t want to mess up the dosage.