When you hear of steroids, you probably get one of the two possible types of pictures in your head. You either connect them with a big, strong and healthy body that stands out with strength and muscles or you see a big warning sign that tells you how much harm and damages can steroids cause on your body.

No matter which one you see in your head, you’re probably right. The truth is that both scenarios might be true. Like almost every other medicine or drug, the effect you get depends on the quantity and the quality of the products you take. In order to be completely prepared for both positive and negative side effects of anabolic steroids that may occur, the first thing you should do is to make a good deep research of the topic.

Let’s start with the pros of taking anabolic steroids!

No matter if you are a professional bodybuilder or just a fitness fan, you’ve probably wanted at least once in your life to improve your performance. However, sometimes this doesn’t happen as fast as you want. And exactly here is the place where anabolic steroids take place. When chosen properly, steroids can help you:

– build muscles and strength in no time
– speed up metabolism and burn unwanted fats
– improve your mood, eat better and recover faster

This way you can achieve better results and stay in shape for longer. Some anabolic steroids are even being used as a treatment against some health issues. They may help provoke puberty in young boys when needed.

Another positive effect of the most anabolic steroids is the increase of the libido. The sex drive often decreases with the aging. That’s why lots of steroids are being used to slow down or even prevent such processes.

Don’t forget the cons of the use of anabolic steroids!

Despite all positive effects that we mentioned above, you should keep in mind, that there are two sides to every coin. Yes, when taken properly, steroids may have a mostly positive impact on your body. However, especially when overdosed, some of them may lead to a large number of disorders. Most of the side effects are related to the changes in hormone levels in the body. This may cause:

– skin problems such as acne and oily skin
– mood changes like rage, anger and sometimes even a depression
– stomach problems such as diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting

Some extremely strong steroids can even lead to chronic headaches and hallucinations. Of course, almost all of these side effects are curable and their negative effect can be prevented with the relative drugs or supplements. However, in case of any doubts or concerns, you should first discuss them with your fitness trainer or even with a doctor. This way you can make sure, that you will achieve the best possible results without harming your body.

So in other words, do your research, choose a good and reliable supplier, do not overdose no matter what and just enjoy your great results!