Human Growth Hormone – Intake, Benefits and Side Effects

No matter if you are a passionate professional bodybuilder or just a person, who loves to go in for sports, you’ve probably heard of the Human Growth Hormone and its impact on the body. Especially during the last few years, HGH becomes more popular, probably mostly because of the fact that it is often connected with anabolic steroids and bodybuilding. Of course, we can’t say, especially because its effect on the body, that it doesn’t have anything in common with steroids. However, it is important to understand the nature of HGH and its real impact on the body.

Human Growth Hormone and its features

Muscle growth by HGH

HGH is a hormone, which is produced naturally in the human’s body by the pituitary gland. Unfortunately, like many other processes its production decreases with the aging. This, on the other hand, may lead to unpleasant changes in the entire function of the body. Depression and bad mood, hair loss, lack of energy and increased weight are only a small part of the signs that speak for HGH deficiency. Sometimes HGH problems may occur even in kids or teenagers. Signs of such problem are delayed puberty and growth, increased stomach and face fat etc., where probably the best solution is HGH Therapy.

Benefits of Human Growth Hormone intake

Because of its many positive effects, Human Growth Hormone is getting more and more popular for both men and women. When taken properly, it can lead to significant physical improvement such as:

  • Gain of a muscle mass and strength – this is probably one of the most distinctive effects of the HGH. This is probably also the main reason, why HGH is associated with bodybuilding and sports. As the muscle strength usually decreases with the aging, HGH is one of the most popular preparations that can help in restoring those functions. Furthermore, it increases the tenancy and helps for quicker recovery after a workout. Used also as an extremely effective fat burner, HGH speeds up metabolism resulting in better performance in less time.
  • Improvement of cognitive function and behavior – lots of studies that follow up the impact of the HGH on the mood prove that the hormone has a positive influence on the behavior. It is proved that after taking HGH, most of the people begin to feel better and not as irritable as they were before starting the therapy.
  • Better condition of the bones – the normal levels of HGH are connected with the normal production of IGF-1, which is responsible for the strength of the bones. In this context, HGH therapy might slow down or even prevent the symptoms of some bone diseases.

Human Growth Hormone – Bodybuilding side effects

Despite all positive effects, it is important to note that when not taken as prescripted, HGH might have also some negative impacts on the body. Most of the side effects are related to enlargement of the limbs i.e. toes and fingers, changes in some parts of the skeleton, skin and many more. Having this in mind, you should first visit a specialist or a doctor, when deciding to take HGH.