Have you ever wondered why all bodybuilders always look so muscular and strong? Or how did they achieve such an impressive effect in just a couple of years or even months? Well, we have some news for you – it is not or at least not only because of their strictly protein-based diet and healthy lifestyle. It isn’t even only because of their passion and motivation to work out really hard. It is because of the supplements they take and the way they take them.

For good or for bad, steroids are the only supplements that will help you look like one of those stars on the stage of Mr. Olympia. In fact, when it comes to steroids, your choice should depend mostly on the results you wish to achieve. However, if you’ve decided that big muscles and strength are the main part of your goal, it is good for you to know which anabolic steroids will help you get close to this effect asap and without a risk for your health in the same time.

Well-known Testosterone

Strong man who takes dianabol by bocapharm.isYou are not surprised, right? Testosterone suspension is often classified as one of the best steroids every bodybuilder can take. Despite the fact that it should be administrated on a daily basis, its extremely quick effect makes it one of the most popular anabolic steroids among the bodybuilding community.

The affordable Dianabol

Equally often preferred by both beginners and professional bodybuilders, Dianabol competes with testosterone for years. The most important advantage of Dianabol is probably the price – you can count on brilliant results at reasonable costs. Although just like Testosterone, Dianabol can help you gain muscle mass and strength in only couple of weeks, you should keep in mind that when overdosed, it may lead to strong water retention and even liver damages.

The extremely powerful Trenbolone

When talking about strong steroids, Trenbolone is probably the best association that may come to your mind. Available in both oral and injectable forms, some experts say that Trenbolone has up to three times more powerful effect on the humans’ body than Testosterone. Unlike many other steroids, Trenbolone does not cause water retention, but if overdosed it may also lead to lots of negative side effects. However, when taken properly, it contributes to a rapid increase in strength and muscle mass as well.

The harmless Anadrol

To be honest, the effect and impact of Anadrol on the body are very similar to the ones Dianabol can have. With the help of this anabolic steroid you can significantly boost your strength and build the muscles you have always dreamed of and this – without almost any side effects. This may sound to you like a dream. And there is a catch, indeed – in order to protect your body and avoid the most dangerous side effects, you should always choose the oral steroid over the injectable one. Moreover, the side effects of overdosing with injectable Anadrol might be serious, causing hypertension, water retention, strong headaches, vomiting etc.

So, just to remind you, we always recommend consulting your doctor or talking to your fitness instructor first, before taking steroids!