Bio-Peptide MGF (Mechano Growth Factor) 5mg



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Bio-Peptide MGF (Mechano Growth Factor) 5mg
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Bio-Peptide Peg MGF 5mg/vial


Mechano-growth factor or MGF is a peptide that originates from a separate sequence of insulin-like growth factor 1 or IGF-1. It is important in childhood development but also has a significant meaning during adulthood due to its anabolic properties. The bio-peptide is released once the muscles are stretched and exercised. It can be found in large quantities in the body when the muscles have been put through high-intensity weight training. MGF is popularly used in the bodybuilding world today and helps athletes and bodybuilders achieve maximum results and improve their performance.

It’s recommended to speak to a medical expert before consuming the product and similar products.

MGF peptide FAQ

Does MGF build muscle?
So what is MGF in bodybuilding? One of the most popular applications of MGF for bodybuilders is to increase muscle mass. Being a variant of IGF-1, which is a protein synthesized mainly in the liver, MGF peptide actively stimulates cell growth and development through a range of different tissue types. It’s mostly found in the skeletal and heart muscles and successfully stimulates the production of muscle stem cells and helps for the fast repair process and muscle growth. This is why the substance is considered an effective way to increase muscle mass.

MGF peptide benefits
There is a range of advantages that bodybuilders can take advantage of when consuming MGF peptides. Some of the main benefits include:

  • Faster recovery process
  • Quick muscle repair
  • New cell growth
  • Muscle satellite stem cell activation
  • Successful triggering of a fusion of satellite stem cells o the muscle fibers
  • Extra nuclei provided by satellite cells for repair

MGF peptide dosage for bodybuilding
The appropriate MGF peptide dosage for bodybuilding will depend on your level of experience and other factors. Several doses can be taken per vial. They’re administered subcutaneously once reconstituted with a max of 200mcg on a daily basis. The peptide can be consumed either post-workout or before going to bed. The standard MGF peptide cycle is a maximum of one month or four weeks.