Carsil 90mg – 30 tablets


Carsil must be taken if you use steroids in order to protect the liver. Carsil is a drug, whose active ingredient is silymarin from the fruits of the milk thistle plant. It activates protein and phospholipid synthesis in injured liver cells, stabilizes cell membranes, binds free radicals (antioxidants), protects liver cells from harmful influences.

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Carsil is considered a natural product as it’s derived from plants and possesses hepatoprotective and antioxidative properties. Carsil’s active component is Silymarin, which originates in Silybum Marianum or Milk Thistle, Bulgarian White Thorn. It has the ability to consolidate the cell membrane and shield the liver from dangerous influences. By doing so, Carsil can help restore and recover damaged liver cells. You can buy Carsil tablets at an affordable price and help normalize the values of your liver enzymes. The product is especially useful for bodybuilders and athletes who have consumed different drugs with the aim of improving their performance.

Carsil FAQ

Carsil tabletes uses
The herbal medicine Carsil offers a range of benefits for bodybuilders and athletes. By protecting the liver and helping the body restore liver cells, Carsil leads to an overall improved condition, minimizes digestion discomfort or problems, and stimulates appetite and weight gain. Apart from the bodybuilding world, Carsil is also used for the treatment of hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, liver fatty degeneration, injured liver capabilities as a result of poisoning, and more.

Carsil dosage
The recommended dosage for adults is 2-3 tablets daily or 1-2 tablets daily. The right dose will depend on your specific condition and it’s best to speak to a doctor before consuming the product. A medical professional will be able to make recommendations and guide you on advisable cycles.

Carsil and steroids
Carsil is often taken in combination with steroids to limit the harmful effects from the performance enhancers. It can help the liver cleanse itself of any toxins and harmful consequences of steroid intake. By doing this, the bodybuilder or athlete can enjoy only the positive effects of a steroid cycle without having to worry about damaging the liver.

We highly recommend consulting yourself with a doctor or another medical expert before consuming Carsil or related products.


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