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Ecdysterone by VemoHerb is based on the plant Leuzea and is commonly used for quick muscle mass gain. The features of the food supplement can be attributed to the extremely purified Leuzea extract with content of 95% beta-ecdysterone. It is used as an anabolic stimulator, adaptogen, and biostimulator.

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Ecdysterone 90 capsules - VemoHerb
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The lean muscle mass gain is stimulated by the impact of the phyto-ecdysterones that are part of the group of protein stimulators. They increase the protein synthesis in the body and influence the metabolism of carbohydrates and nucleic acids, by enhancing the glycogen synthesis, as well as increasing its reserves in the body. Therefore, muscle growth is stimulated, which facilitates a positive effect on the stability, reflexes, and concentration of bodybuilders.

Ecdysterone for bodybuilders

Ecdysterone is a naturally found chemical in insects, some water-based animals, and plants. It’s a popular chemical used in medicine and provides a number of benefits for patients and bodybuilders. Ecdysterone supplements like Leuzea are actively used to support the creation of more muscle mass and boost the performance of athletes and bodybuilders.

It’s efficient in producing lean muscle mass and could be more beneficial than steroids, despite the fact that it’s a natural ingredient. It’s considered a plant steroid and is mostly derived from spinach and quinoa.

Does Ecdysterone increase testosterone?
Although Ecdysteroids do have a very similar structure and organisation to Testosterone – the male hormone, there is not enough research to prove that it works exactly like the hormone in people.

Ecdysterone is a preferred supplement for bodybuilders as it’s a natural compound that has little to no risks of side effects.

Beta Ecdysterone For Quicker Results

Beta-ecdysterone is an affordable and reliable solution that can help you reach the same results as steroids. With its main advantage being the fact that it’s a natural compound, it’s a popular product in the bodybuilding world.

What does Beta Ecdysterone do?
Beta Ecdysterone can dramatically increase the protein synthesis in the body. The ingredient is also successful at helping with strength. In addition, it’s often used to increase muscle growth and strength. It has an anabolic effect and is more effective when compared to Dienedione, Dianabol, or SARMs.

The substance can help you enjoy quicker muscle recovery and a lean shape that looks natural and healthy. It can also be effective in accelerating the healing of wounds and fractures.

How long does Beta Ecdysterone take to work?
The time necessary for the substance to work will depend on your dosage. However, on average, users will start seeing the results after two weeks of consumption.

It’s advisable to speak to a doctor before consuming Beta Ecdysterone or related products.


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