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Ecdysterone Mega
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Ecdysterone or 20-Hydroxyecdysone is a popular substance in the bodybuilding world as it provides a range of benefits for bodybuilders and athletes. It’s a natural compound that can dramatically help improve performance. It resembles the structure or the human hormone testosterone but it comes from plants like spinach and quinoa. It’s actively used to encourage the creation of lean muscle mass and to strengthen athletic performance and endurance. It’s a much safer alternative to synthetic steroids. The potential side-effects are reduced to a minimum and athletes can enjoy the benefits without consuming chemically-created supplements.

Ecdysterone FAQ

Does Ecdysterone increase testosterone?
Although Ecdysterone is a powerful substance that a lot of bodybuilders rely on for lean muscles and a boost in performance, there is no proof that the substance works exactly like testosterone or that it encourages increased production in the human body.

Does Ecdysterone lower testosterone?
No, Ecdysterone does not negatively impact the natural testosterone production process in the body. It does not lower the testosterone levels, meaning that bodybuilders or athletes won’t weed to go through a post cycle therapy to restore the normal testosterone quantities in the body.

Is Ecdysterone a steroid?
Ecdysterone is considered a phytosteroid or a steroid that is found naturally in plants. Phytosteroids have a very similar structure to cholesterol that have a number of beneficial effects on the body.

Does Ecdysterone build muscle?
Yes, Ecdysterone is popular for helping bodybuilders create more muscle mass in a shorter period of time. Ecdysterone is also successful in helping gain more muscle mass strength, improving training and overall performance.

Is Ecdysterone better than Turkesterone?
Both are a form of ecdysteroid or a naturally occurring substance in plants and insects. Ecdysterone is better than Turkesterone in the sense that it costs less to create, therefore is much more affordable to consumers. It’s also a lot more readily available and less potent.