HTP Tri-Tren 10 amp x 150 mg



Fat reduction at the expense of a higher muscle mass with HTP Tri-Tren ampules! Try the innovative formula created especially for people who don’t like using daily injection, but insist on the efficient triple trenbolone power.

What is HTP Tri-Tren?

HTP Tri-Tren is a highly anabolic and androgenic steroid formula designed as a pack of 10 ampules for direct muscle injections. Unlike the majority of the anabolic steroids on the market, this product doesn’t require regular daily usage as its active components provide guaranteed extended release and action.

  • Active ingredient: the product is a powerful blend of 3 active Trenbolone esters: Trenbolone acetate, Trenbolone enanthate and Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate. In their synergic action they act extremely fast and in a long-term with up to 2 weeks prolonged effect.
  • What is HTP Tri-Tren made for: The formula provides a double bodybuilding effect: eliminating the visceral fats and increase the muscle mass. It is proven to be nearly 5 times more androgenic and more anabolic than traditional testosterone whether naturally produced in the body, provided through a strict diet or taken as a synthetic supplement. Additionally, the product supports the constant physical strength and sexual endurance.
  • Other scientifically proven medical usages: mineral absorption and appetite regulation.

How to take HTP Tri-Tren (recommended dosage)

HTP – the official manufacturer – of the Tri-Tren formula recommends the clients to strictly read and meet the product application instructions before starting the therapy. It is essential not to exceed the recommended dose, which is based on your individual condition and goals.
HTP Tri-Tren is in any case not suitable for daily usage. 200-300 mg of the active Trenbolone blend is the recommended daily dosage. Each ampule for injection provides 150 mg Trenbolone, which means that you shouldn’t take more than 2 ampules per 2 weeks.


Please, restrain from using HTP Tri-Tren due to the following contraindications:

  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding;
  • Availability of serious heart, liver, or kidney problems;
  • Prostate issues.

Compatibility with other steroids

TRI-TREN High combines successfully with other anabolic steroids. You can add them to your routine in order to power up the effects on muscle mass, strength, and the fat burning process.

Side Effects

In contrast to the majority of the anabolic testosterone-based products on the market this formula doesn’t cause any severe estrogen-related side effects. Yet, in case of individual intolerance or/and recommended dosage exceeding some unpleasant symptoms might be experienced, including:

  • Severe progression of the hair loss phase;
  • Skin break-outs and acne inflammation;
  • Aggressive behavior;
  • Nervosity.

HTP Tri-Tren Intake Warning

HTP Tri-Tren is a pharmaceutical product with steroid content. It is part of our anabolic line. We do not produce or prescribe any of these products. As resellers we only distribute them with no endorse medical advice.
Our offerings serve as general informational resources and should not be viewed as replacements for expert medical advice. It’s crucial to seek guidance from a qualified healthcare provider for any medical inquiries or concerns you may have.