Mildronat (Meldonium) 500 mg 60 capsules



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Mildronat (Meldonium) 500 mg 60 capsules
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Meldonium is a drug that athletes and sports professionals often rely on for boosting performance. It’s actively sold under the brand name Mildronat and was originally created in Latvia for animal use. Apart from its use in the athletic world, it’s also a solution for a range of conditions like angina, heart attack, heart failure, and more. You can buy Meldonium at affordable prices and improve your athletic performance, rehabilitation after workouts, and more.

Before consuming Meldonium or other related products, we highly recommend speaking to a medical professional who can guide you on the right dosage and use.

Meldonium FAQ

One of the most popular drugs among athletes and bodybuilders is Meldonium. It offers a number of benefits and works towards overall improvement of the body’s performance in sports.

Meldonium benefits
Meldonium offers a range of different benefits for athletes. Some of the most important ones include improved exercise performance, a boost in mood and cognitive ability, reduced blood pressure, faster recovery times, and others.

Meldonium dosage
The appropriate dosage of this drug will depend on factors like your level of experience, weight, and others. In general, the standard Meldonium treatment lasts from four to six weeks, with the recommended dosage being between 15 and 20 mg per 1 1kg of body weight. It’s best to consume the drug half an hour before workout.

What is Meldonium used for
In sports, Meldonium is used to improve performance as it inhibits carnitine synthesis. This means that the cells in the body are encouraged to burn more glucose rather than fat to result in the production of more energy. Glucose is smaller in size when compared to fat and needs lower amounts of oxygen.

What does Meldonium do?
Meldonium can successfully increase your recovery rates and enjoy better performance as an athlete. It can also help with weight loss.