Multi-testo Multi Testo 350mg/ml


Multi Testo 350 mg is steroid combination of four active types of Testosterone – Testosterone Phenyl Propionate, Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Decanoate and Testosterone Discorporate. The drug is developed by GEP – General European Pharm and is considered as a very high-quality product.

Multi Testo is an anabolic steroid, administrated mostly during the bulking cycle, due to its high efficiency in stimulating muscle growth.

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Dosage: The optimal dosage can be defined depending on the bodybuilder and the desired results.  A dosage around 350 mg (1ml), which should be administrated every 10 days is considered as moderate. Advanced users can take up to 1050 mg for the same period. It should be noted, that in case of exceeding the dosage, undesirable side effects may occur.

Side effects: When overdosed, Testosterone causes the following side effects: acne, aggressive behavior, oily skin and excessive hair growth (especially on the face and body).


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