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Ovitrelle 0.25mg
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Ovitrelle 250 is a drug that contains hCG or a hormone recombinant. It’s mostly used for assisted reproduction treatments in women. It has helped a lot of women achieve pregnancy and despite the fact that it’s highly priced, its effectiveness and success make it worth it. The Ovitrelle injection takes place only once and triggers the final follicular maturation post ovarian stimulation. It’s effectively used in both artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization.

The consumption of Ovitrelle should be overlooked by a medical professional, who can guide you through the process and recommend best practices. We highly recommend speaking to your doctor before buying and consuming this drug.

Ovitrelle FAQ

What is Ovitrelle
Ovitrelle is a genetically engineered drug that contains choriogonadotropin alfa or a recombinant of hCG hormone. It also contains mannitol, methionine, disodium, sodium dihydrogen phosphate monohydrate, and others. The ovitrelle injection uses are mostly appropriate for women who have been hormonally suppressed or have trouble with the production of endogenous pituitary hormones. Ovitrelle triggers ovulation in the woman’s body. It encourages the resumption of oocyte meiosis and supports the maturation of the follicles created in the ovarian stimulation. The drug makes ovulation in artificial insemination possible and sends the information of the corpus luteum in the ovary. As a result, estradiol and progesterone are secreted. They are essential for embryo implantation.

Where to inject Ovitrelle
Ovitrelle is injected under the skin in the abdominal area.

How long does Ovitrelle take to work
It usually takes between 24 and 36 hours after the Ovitrelle injection for ovulation to occur. When having sexual intercourse during your Ovitrelle treatment, it’s highly likely that your doctor will advise having sex on the day of the injection and the following three days for maximum results. Some patients have shared that the ovulation occurs 40 hours after the shot. It is used differently and for different purposes so it’s vital to speak to your doctor about the results you can expect.