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Ripped-250 box 10 x 250mg Androgen Mix


Ripped 250 mg Malay Tiger Combine steroid is a really solid steroid combination of trenbolone acetate (75mg), Drostanolone propionate (75 mg) and testosterone propionate (100 mg). It is much more effective with Oxandrolone or with Stanozolol. It is a perfect product to burn the unnecessary body fat and enhancing the performance level in pre-competition training. Ripped 250 Mix is responsible for the growth of muscle fiber and bone density.

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Androgenic side effects are nonetheless frequent with this substance, and will embrace bouts of oily pores and skin, zits, and physique, facial hair development. Anabolic/androgenic steroids may worsen male sample hair loss.


An efficient dosage for most ranges from 250mg – 750mg Ripped 250 mg Malay Tiger each 6-8 days.



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