Stanozolol Stanozolic 50mg/ml


Stanozolic (stanozolol) is used mainly during the cutting cycle. This product can be found on the market in ampoule 10ml for injection. Because of its ability to convert the fat to muscle mass and to provide muscle strength, it is preferred by many bodybuilders. In view of its low hepatotoxicity, the injectable product is better than tablets.

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Dosage: the recommended dosage for male bodybuilders is in the range between 50-100mg. The injections should be administrated every one or two days. Women should take either 25 mg per week or 50 mg for the whole cycle.

Side effects: Stanozolic is a powerful anabolic steroid that does not have any androgenic effect. It has low side effects on the liver. When overdosed, it can cause oily skin, hair loss, water retention, unwanted hair, and acne.


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