HTP Test-Mix (Testosterone Mix) 10 amp x 250 mg


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HTP Test-Mix
HTP Test-Mix (Testosterone Mix) 10 amp x 250 mg
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Build more muscles with this anabolic and highly androgenic testosterone mixture. HTP Test-Mix is a great alternative for the newbies and a safe continuation of the experienced bodybuilder’s routine.

What is HTP Test-Mix?

Test Mix HTP is a powerful medical formula that combines 4 testosterone esters (slow and fast) known in the medical and fitness spheres as Sustanon.

  • Active ingredients: Testosterone propionate, Testosterone phenylpropionate, Testosterone isocaproate and Testosterone decanoate.
  • The first two esters are fast and they activate within an hour after an injection, while the other two are slow and provide slow release within 15 days in a row. Such a mass gain cycle secures the proper and long-term muscle building.
  • What is HTP Test-Mix made for: muscle mass gain, physical and sexual endurance exceeding, higher sports and fitness results in case of daily active physical exercises and workout combined with a proper food diet;
  • Other scientifically proven medical usages: disturbed natural testosterone production in male body.

How to take HTP Test-Mix (recommended dosage)

Test Mix HTP is a quality mix of testosterone esters that functions like the major oil-based testosterone products. It is more beneficial than other alternatives as it requires no frequent daily infections. Due to the high concentration of the composition it is enough to take only 1 ampoule per week to gain all the guaranteed results.
For faster and maximum potential effect, inject 1 muscle ampule every 4-5 days. Such an intake routine provides the proper regulation of the stable blood levels. It is highly recommended to undertake a parallel usage of anti-estrogens. They will guarantee you risk-free therapy with no side effects. We suggest you consider the following anti-estrogens:

  • Nolvadex;
  • Arimidex.


Please, restrain from using HTP Test-Mix (Testosterone Mix) due to the following contraindications:

  • Not suitable for women;
  • Prostate augmentation and inflammation;
  • Age under 18-years old;
  • Kidney or liver problems.

Compatibility with other steroids

Test MIX HTP is possible to be mixed with completely all types of anabolic steroid products. In case of aiming to build muscle mass it is highly recommended to make a parallel combination with the following products:

  • Durabolin;
  • Methane.

Side Effects

Please, have in mind that different anabolic products affect the individual physical and psychological human condition differently. Apart from all of their scientifically proven effects there’s a possibility for some customers to experience a concrete range of side effects (especially in case of exceeded dosage):

  • Skin issues: overproduction of sebum and acne;
  • Water detention;
  • Prostate issues;
  • Painful erection;
  • Hair loss;
  • Anxiety.

HTP Test-Mix (Testosterone Mix) Intake Warning

HTP Test-Mix (Testosterone Mix) is a pharmaceutical product with steroid content. It is part of our anabolic line. We do not produce or prescribe any of these products. As resellers we only distribute them with no endorse medical advice.
Our offerings serve as general informational resources and should not be viewed as replacements for expert medical advice. It’s crucial to seek guidance from a qualified healthcare provider for any medical inquiries or concerns you may have.