Testosterone P (Propionate) – 10 ampoules, 10 mg per ampoule


Testosterona P – usually it is used during cutting cycles. Increases muscle mass, strength, sexual drive, burns fat and decreases cholesterol levels.

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Testosterone P (Propionate) - 10 ampoules, 10 mg per ampoule
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Testosterone P is quickly absorbed into the blood system, so the effects can be felt right after the first injection. Does not cause a drastic increase in body weight, but the muscle mass becomes drier.

Like every other testosterone form, Testosterone P converts into estrogens, therefore it is necessary to add to your cycle Anti-estrogens, preferably Aromatase Inhibitors, to avoid most of the side effects such as gynecomastia, acne, hair loss, depression of the production of own testosterone.


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