Trenacetat-150 box 10 x 150 mg Trenbolone Acetate


Trenacetat Malay Tiger is an anabolic steroid that is highly fragile – which means, it is not converted to estrogen, which is a great effect, sought by all athletes and bodybuilders. In addition, trenbolone is also quite resistant to body metabolism and manages to retain it much more than other steroids and is not excreted in the form of metabolites.

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The side effects of the product should not occur to anyone if the product in used in normal doses. When doses are exceeded, it is normal to experience side-effects normal for all anabolic steroids such as skin grease, aggressiveness, depression, female breasts, and so on.


It is difficult to accept an average dose for everyone, because the dosage is strictly individual to each person, depends on height, sex, weight, experience, and many other factors. That is why, in order to choose the best dose, it is a good idea to first consult a medical person. However, there are commonly accepted doses that say beginners can take:  doses between 152 and 220mg per week, from ampoule to ampoule and half every 7 days. That dose would give good results to the person who uses the compound, as long as there is, of course, a good diet and exercise regime. Intermediate people can take the product at doses between 228 and 456mg per week, and advanced athletes can increase the dose up to 500mg a week, but of course with caution and regular self-monitoring.


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