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Myostine YK11 5mg
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YK-11, also known as Myostine is a chemical discovered by the Japanese researcher Yuichiro Kanno. It acts as Myostatin inhibitor, meaning that it lowers the hormone that restricts your muscles from growing beyond a certain point. YK-11 allows you to surpass your muscle growing thresholds by manipulating the amount of Myostine in the system and additionally boosting muscle building hormones.

The way YK-11 works is similar to that of a SARM. This is the reason why YK11 often falls in the same category as SARMs, although its status is actually somewhere between a SARM and steroid. YK11 attaches to an androgen receptor and prompts the muscle growth in the body. It also increases the number of muscle cells produced by the body and muscle retention. This makes the chemical quite versatile and sparks interest amongst fitness-conscious individuals.

Another main benefit of the YK11 SARM is that it allows you to keep your YK11 results long after the cycle is over. This is possible because the compound helps produce new muscle cells, therefore helps with muscle retention and hardness. This means that your muscles will be less susceptible to burnout or deformation, allowing you to undergo extensive workouts easier.

The recommended YK11 dosage is 5 to 10mg twice a day(for men) and 2 to 5mg for women. Keep in mind that strong SARMs like YK11 and S23 are not recommended for use from women. There are often speculations on which one of those above mentioned new age SARMs is the best. YK11 vs S23 is a trending topic. We simply can’t compare them, because they work completely differently and have unique benefits from one another. So we will leave this for another YK11 review. Unique benefits and side effects, as well. And now it is time to talk about the YK11 side effects.

Because the compound did not pass human trials, we have only the logs from bodybuilders that have tested the product. They all report different side effects or complete lack of any. Here are the most common side effects:

  • Testosterone suppression
  • Mild liver toxicity
  • Joint and tendon pain
  • Increased aggression
  • Prostate enlargement

Testosterone suppression is something expected from a chemical that boosts testosterone production. This is the reason why a PCT after a cycle with YK11 is recommended. The liver toxicity is also an expected side effect, which is why most people that tested the compound added something to protect the liver alongside the YK11 capsules. The increased aggression side effect is caused by the irritation that similar chemicals can cause some individuals. Violence was not observed.

YK11 Frequently Asked Questions

Here is your favorite segment of these articles, where we answer your most asked questions.

Is yk11 a SARM?

It works like a SARM, but in reality, it is somewhere between a SARM and steroid.

Is yk11 a steroid?

No, it is not a steroid. It has a similar effect and you can achieve similar results with it, but it lacks numerous side effects, usually connected with steroids.

What is yk11 used for?

It is quite a versatile product, however, it shines most with its boost to muscle growth and retention.

Does yk11 increase testosterone?

Yes, hence you could expect a testosterone suppression after your cycle.

Is yk11 liver toxic?

YK11 has a similar chemical structure with many steroids that are toxic for the liver. This is why people that have decided to try YK11, usually take something to protect the liver while the cycle continues.

Does yk11 cause hair loss?

Some users report mild hair loss. It is worth mentioning that many of those subjects reported hair growth once they were off YK11. This is a common side effect and the experience is different for everybody.

Is yk11 good for cutting?

It could be used during a cutting cycle to prevent losing muscle mass, however, it’s so potent for muscle gain that it’s largely used during bulking cycles instead.

Do I need a PCT with yk11?

Absolutely! PCT is mandatory after a cycle with YK-11.

What should I stack with yk11?

Rad-140 and Stenabolic are valuable options. Those are the compounds mostly stacked with YK-11, and RAD-140 also helps prevent side effects from YK11 regarding the prostate enlargement.

Does YK11 cause gyno?

Yes, it could be the cause of gyno. Although, this side effect is usually connected with products of questionable origin and purity.

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