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SR 9009 Stenabolic 10mg
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Stenabolic is a compound designed to help boost stamina and athletic performance. It was marketed as “An exercise in a bottle”, although you can’t expect to simply take it and reap the benefits of a real exercise program. The results that this drug shows over and over again are what keeps it in high regard amongst bodybuilders and athletes. It really makes subjects perform on a whole different level when it comes to endurance.

How does Stenabolic work:

It binds to the Rev-Erb receptor, which costs two main effects:

  • REV-ERB promotes the burning of fat, increases the activity of mitochondria, and promotes the generation of new while decreasing the destruction of old mitochondria.
  • Fat cells: REV-ERB turns off the genes responsible for storing fat and decreases triglyceride production.

Benefits of SR9009:

  • Enhance Endurance & Stamina
  • Drastically Increase Fat Loss
  • Potentially Preserve Muscle Mass

The main downside of Stenabolic is its short half-life. This means that it quickly loses its beneficial effects, once it is taken. This is why you would have to take it throughout the day every three, four to five hours, it all depends on the dosage you want to implement. Most popular dosage is 20mg/day. This means you will need to introduce a 5 mg dose, four times per day. Usually, 5mg is the amount of SR9009 contained in a single capsule of the product.

Stenabolic could prove valuable to people searching for a substantial increase in stamina levels and endurance. Those who undergo heavy marathons, cyclists and others. It could prove valuable to people dealing with obesity or just overweight. And it could be used as a way to fight high cholesterol and even type B diabetes.

Although there were no human trials for SR9009, its immense improvement to athlete performance made many to bypass the risk factors and test Stenabolic as a supplement. We don’t have official data on side effects and specific dosages, however, the experiences of those people so far prove beneficial. If you plan to use Stenabolic yourself, note that we recommend you not exceeding the dosages suggested by those who tested SR9009 and that you contact your personal doctor before starting using the product.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stenabolic Sr9009

It is time to answer the most asked questions, to the best of our abilities. It surprises us that “what is the recommended dosage” is not on this list, so we will add it on our behalf.

What is a Stenabolic?

Stenabolic is an agonist of Rev-ErbA (A pair of proteins that stabilize our internal clock by turning BMAL1 off. Which is the cornerstone of the circadian rhythm.). Some merchants market it as a SARM, although it is not actually a selective androgen receptor modulator.

What is sr9009 used for?

The thing that Stenabolic is mostly notorious for is the crazy increase in endurance and stamina. That is why it is most used during a “cutting” cycle, as a lever to really boost the results. Sometimes it is even stacked with other compounds like Cardarine.

Is sr9009 safe?

There is no official data on side effects from SR9009, because it never passed human trials. However, those who tried the compound for themselves have positive feedback on the performance of this drug and have not suffered severe side effects, if any.

What is the recommended dosage for Sr9009

Now, keep in mind that human trials were never approved for Stenabolic. That is why there are no official numbers regarding the recommended dosage. Most people implement 20-40mg per day on their subjects, and their feedback is quite positive. For beginners, the recommended dosage would be 10-20mg.

Does sr9009 build muscle?

On its own, it does not have any muscle boosting properties, however, by boosting your stamina and endurance, it allows you to go for harder workouts and limit the rest time needed. This is how you might see lean muscle gain after a cycle with SR9009.

How quickly does sr9009 work?

As other performance enhancers, sr9009 kicks in fast. Users report beneficial effects within the first week of the cycle. Usually, a cycle of SR9009 will be anywhere between six and twelve weeks.

Does Stenabolic suppress testosterone?

No, it does not. Stenabolic does not affect your testosterone levels.

Does Stenabolic require PCT?

No, it does not. Stenabolic has nothing to do with your natural hormone levels, so you won’t need a post cycle therapy.

Is Stenabolic a SARM?

It is often marketed as SARM and it is quite close to them, so that is why it is being sold amongst SARMs, however, Stenabolic is not, actually, a SARM.

With a simple internet search, you can find a lot of merchants that have Stenabolic for sale. You should not trust the first one you find. We advise you to do your research well and trust reputable sellers. If you decide to trust USALabz, you can find our Stenabolic product on our website. And as usual, consult with a professional before starting using any supplements, SARMs or steroid products!