The purpose of all anabolic steroid preparations is to promote the rapid growth of the muscle mass. However, it should be noted that they have a positive effect usually only if taken regularly and restricted to a diet.

The whole process of intake of anabolic steroid preparations is called cycle.

Weights and steroidsIn general, every anabolic substance can be classified as a medicine. That’s why it is really important for every beginner to know both possible positive and negative effects of the steroids in order to choose the most suitable drug for itself.
You should also keep in mind that, when taking steroids for the first time, the cycle should be short. It is not recommended to take more than one or maximum two anabolic preparations at the same time. When overdosed, those drugs can have different harmful side effects on the body. That’s why you should be careful, when buying steroids for the very first time.
In order to avoid any aromatization, water retentions and unwanted fat gain, you may choose steroids with mild anabolic effect. In addition, the fast muscle growth can cause stretch marks. That’s why you have to pick out the drugs for your first anabolic cycle really carefully. When taking the suitable steroid, you can gain up to 10 kg during the first cycle.

Winstrol Depot

You should take not less than one ampoule Winstrol Depot every other day. For even better results you can administrate an ampoule per day ( which equals 50mg of the active ingredient Stanozolol ).
This anabolic drug can be used by bodybuilders during their first cycle. It has a great effect on the muscles, helping the body to burn extra fat and making the muscles look firm and big.


Man on steroidsTurinabol doesn’t have the same side effects, like all other drugs. Due to its unique formula, it doesn’t lead to water retention, gynecomastia or aromatization. The recommended dosage per day is 40 mg and it should be taken 5 hours before training, as it has a maximum activity, which is up to 12 hours long.
This drug can be used in combination with almost all injectable steroids. The substance is often described as extremely versatile and can be combined with both oral and injectable steroids. Turinabol can even enhance the effect of some injectable steroids.


This is probably the most suitable drug for beginners. It will help you feel like a real athlete, due to its strong effect. You will gain both muscle and strength without losing the effect after the end of the cycle.
Beginners should take up to 400 mg of Boldenone during the first cycle. Professional athletes can increase this dosage to 600 mg per week.