Furazabolin (Furazabol THP 50 mg)




This prohormone is a go-to product for beginners. Mainly because it is not as stressful to the liver as other compounds. This also makes it suitable for combining with other SARMS. Plus, the fact that it has unique potency toward increasing androgen receptor density, which boosts the performance of other products. Furazabolin is used for cutting and it proves effective with little to no side effects. It is recommended to cycle the use of furazabolin. Opt for six to a maximum of 8 weeks of use and at least 4 weeks without the compound. With this approach, you will maximise the effects of the prohormone.


Furazabol is a lipid-lowering agent (​antihyperlipidemic) ​ . Those agents are used in the treatment of high levels of fats, such as cholesterol in the blood. The use, specifically of furazabol, is not recommended by doctors; they have an array of other medications. However, the drug is notorious for its use by professional athletes, because of other furazabol benefits.

As a steroid, Furazabol is not very effective. You will not gain lean muscle, nor increase strength, without inducing doses higher of 200mg/day but it is far more effective in a combination of other SARMS. However, the water retention with this compound is minimal, giving you a vascular appearance. It is important to mention that in most programs Furazabol is not the only drug but rather a base. The furazabol side effects are not common, nor severe as with some other chemicals used by athletes. There is a minor risk of negative effects on the libido. The SARMS enhancement can also lead to hair loss in people that are prone to it.

Furazabol for sale is available in capsules, usually 60 capsules in a vial. During the regular cycle of 4-6 weeks, you will need 2-4 capsules a day. During your “on” cycle you will need several vials of furazabol.

You can buy Furazabol and other SAMRs on our website. Just remember, that before you start using any of these products, you should consult with a professional.