HTP Anavar 100 x 10mg




So you want the best bodybuilding fitness results? Good. Now let’s figure out the other part of the equation. You will need better protein synthesis, intense muscular contractions, increased nitrogen retention, greater levels of testosterone. The answer to all this lies in Anavar. A typical Anavar cycle takes only a few weeks. Anavar results in more energy leading to higher reps at the gym. When you buy Anavar, you basically buy a man-made steroid after the naturally occurring testosterone. Anavar also controls catabolic hormones making fat gain harder while enhancing muscle growth and delivering a better tone to your body. To facilitate bodybuilders even more, Anavar tablets are made to be easily taken orally. Given to healthy men, Anavar has been related to a 44% increase in protein synthesis and improved effects of resistance training. Unlike other steroids, proper Anavar doses are not linked to hepatotoxicity.


Oxandrolone is the ingredient behind the Anavar product also sold under the name Oxandrin. It was discovered in 1962. By 1964, Oxandrolone for sale was available on the USA market as a pharmaceutical product. Although Anavar use comes with excellent results oxandrolone dosage is to be thoroughly calculated by a medical specialist to assure a lesser chance of side effects. Some of them include acne, aggressiveness and irritability. Other symptoms indicating the need to halt the intake of Oxandrolone tablets are a rapid heartbeat, dizziness, blurred vision, etc. As a drug, Oxandrolone was prescribed to patients needing muscle growth because of involuntarily weight loss and also as a part of the AIDS treatment plan. Oxandrolone tablets were found to be successful in treating osteoporosis. Like every powerful supplement, Oxandrin comes with risks as well. More severe cases with women lead to an irreversible development of masculine features. For young males, side effects may halt their growth while adult males may experience a reduction in male fertility and disrupted natural testosterone production. Do not exceed the proper dosage and don’t share it with your gym buddy, rather order our Anavar tablets and crush your competition at the fitness center.