HTP Dianabol 100 x 10 mg




Dianabol is the marketing name of Methandrostenolone. First, synthesized in Basel, Switzerland. Methandienone stepped on American soil just 2 years later. Dbol was prescribed for medical purposes to burn victims and elderly people, but under the counter, methandienone took the bodybuilding market like a storm. Along with the enhancement of muscle growth, Dianabol boosts strength and athletic stamina making training sessions longer and more effective. This made methandienone the most used AAS today and historically dubbed as the fastest acting mass building steroid in the world. Keep in mind that while most know steroids were developed to treat medical problems Dianabol was originally designed to directly influence strength and performance. Now you can simply buy Dianabol online but first make sure to check with your doctor if your health condition is suitable for Methandrostenolone.


When it comes to methandienone tablets a typical cycle for optimal results is around 6 weeks. Methandienone dosage is very important to avoid side effects while reaping all the benefits.
Bodybuilders receive better protein synthesis and nitrogen retention while Dianabol’s aid in losing glucose is prized by the runners. Dbol results for bodybuilders are almost unbelievable. Increase in shape and size of the muscles while losing the unwanted fat, Dianabol is like a blessing for the athletes. Methandienone does not directly increase testosterone but it rather suppresses estrogen hormones. This “shifts the weight” to testosterone thus after the cycle a post cycle therapy is required in order to restore previous hormonal balance. Bodybuilders may feel bloated due to water retention, experience hair growth, liver damage and bad skin. So buy your methandienone tablets and pay attention to your condition while all the people at the gym pay attention to your stamina and gains after every training session.